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new products

REF = FGR 120   

Grouper or sawfish is a fish that can often be spotted in subtropical waters. In the Mediterranean Sea there is also a population of Groupers.
They are very popular because of their refined meat. The species can become more than a meter long and has a special hunting technique.
He stays motionless in the water and can suck a prey into his mouth in an instant. These ‘victims’ are grinded in the enormous mouth of the fish due to the firm bones on the inside of the mouth.


Anchovy is an insanely popular fish in the south of Europe. In the Italian kitchen it is often used to give extra flavour to sauces. 
But also grilled the anchovy is a real winner. Often it is grilled and eaten whole. But for everyone that shivers by the thought of eating a whole fish, we have a tasteful alternative: the whole gutted anchovy. This product gives you the whole taste of the fish, but without the intestines.

REF = PC ... V

Cooked, peeled and deveined vannamei shrimp. These big sizes, without tail, are perfect for a shrimp cocktail, a salad or a pasta dish.

REF = FRF4.5 160UT

Due to the high fuel prices and delays in the worldwide container transport, there are shortages of different kinds of fish. 
These skinless redfish fillets, fully untreated for high efficiency, therefor are a solid alternative for our bagged product.


Back in our assortment: haddock. We can offer this tasty fish again in portions, in the handy 800 gram packaging it’s a good alternative for the loins we usually carry in our assortment.


Back in our assortment: surf clams. They have a subtle salty taste and are the ideal ingredient for pasta vongole.