Many food lovers consider crustaceans and shellfish to be the pinnacle of seafood. Which without doubt is reflected in the very extensive EPIC seafood range. 

The range includes both farmed and wild-caught variations.

The EPIC crustacean and shellfish range comprises both well-known and more exotic seafood. We supply Greenshell mussels and blue Chilean mussels. Our Venus clams are available as clam meat, in half-shell or whole shell. Scallops are available in many varieties and origins, also with the MSC label. These can be supplied with coral, with or without shell, without coral or as an empty shell. 

The selection also includes razor clams, crayfish, langoustines (small Norwegian crabs with a natural orange colour), whelks, crab, lobsters and escargots in garlic butter. 

Most shellfish are democratically priced, very tasty with a typical flavour, and often add a slightly exotic touch to a dish. All luxury products that lift the meal as a whole to a higher level.

Fancy some gourmet food with crustaceans and shellfish? Take a look at the EPIC crustacean and shellfish range.


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