Sustainability is not just another buzzword. Sustainable management of natural riches is simply essential for the continuation of humanity as a whole. This is true for insightful usage of raw materials and fossil fuels, but also for our nutrition.

Hottlet Frozen Foods is very aware of this fact and therefore actively supports sustainable fishery projects. This reason, Hottlet Frozen Foods is both MSC and ASC certified.

MSC stands for ‘Marine Stewardship Council’. This is an international non-profit organisation that awards labels on the basis of scientific methods to fisheries that respect the MSC rules and standards. MSC was established in 1997 and applies to wild-caught fish. The Hottlet-Epic MSC range includes cod, salmon, haddock, yellowfin and scallops.

ASC stands for ‘Aquaculture Stewardship Council’. This label was established in 2010 under the influence of the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and the IDH (Dutch Sustainable Initiative). The ASC label guarantees that the fish and seafood from aquaculture is produced with respect for the environment and proper working conditions. The Hottlet-Epic ASC range includes a variety of fish and seafood from sustainable farming, such as pangasius, tilapia and shrimps. Delicious food can be sustainable food!


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