EPIC frozen skewers with shrimps/prawns are a real hit in any kitchen. Very practical and economical; frozen food provides excellent revenue. Almost no preparation is required to bring a delicious dish to the table. 

This option is not just ideal for traditional restaurant kitchens: The EPIC seafood skewers are also a great addition to any barbecue pack or as a menu item in mobile catering.

EPIC seafood skewers guarantee variety. In addition to the traditional shrimp skewers, we also offer skewers with popular fish, such as salmon and pangasius. For the more adventurous food lovers, we offer squid skewers. A success at any barbecue!

Preparation is very simple. Just leave to defrost and place on a grill. You can add your own creative touch with either your own marinade or a sauce. Minimum effort for maximum impact.


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