Squid and cephalopods are basic ingredients in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Not surprisingly, as they are high in protein and low in fat, with a neutral taste that lends itself to many different recipes. 

As well as the traditional European squid, there are at least another dozen squid and loligo variants common throughout the world. The EPIC range includes, among other variations: ‘Illex', 'Todarodes Pacificus’ and 'Dosidicus Gigas’. 

Cuttlefish may resemble squid, but is a different animal altogether. Just as the European squid, the cuttlefish has 10 tentacles, but the meat is slightly thicker.

Hottlet Frozen Foods offers a very extensive range of cephalopods and a comprehensive selection of squid products. This includes whole squid and tubes, but also products with a higher convenience factor, such as breaded squid rings (calamari a la romana), chipirones, tentacles or delicious rabas (squid strips).

Squid tapas are ideal for salads. These are ready to use as soon as they are defrosted. Their fresh taste is a perfect match with other southern ingredients.

Barbecued squid is also an excellent culinary idea. Who doesn’t feel peckish at the sight of a Provençal squid skewer?


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