The EPIC and EPIC Select quality products are used every day in traditional hospitality outlets (hotels, restaurants, bistros, ...), but also in mass catering and catering for businesses, schools, hospitals, ... 

Consistently high quality at honest prices

Our food service customers not only appreciate the consistent and high quality of EPIC and EPIC Select, but also value the honest prices and fast order preparation by our own warehouse facilities.

Practical dishes for every chef

We are forever searching for new products and new applications for our food service customers. For example, we offer a comprehensive range of fish and seafood skewers that are perfect for grilling once defrosted. Easy to work with and easy to add a personal touch with your own marinade and/or sauce.

Always on board with the latest food trends

The EPIC and EPIC Select ranges also offer appealing products that respond to the latest food trends. Take our vegetarian range of wakame seaweed salad, edamame soy beans, churros lazo, breaded onion rings, spring rolls and curry trigon: all ingredients that lend your kitchen a contemporary and on-trend image, and should grace every menu.

Top-quality street food and fingerfood

Another striking newcomer is the so-called street food, with food trucks present at events worldwide. The EPIC and EPIC Select ranges offer tasty and practical solutions with prawns, scampi, calamari, surimi and vegetarian delicacies.

Sushi corner

Finally, sushi is also still very popular. The EPIC and EPIC Select ‘sushi corner’ features many ingredient for the preparation of flavourful and successful sushi dishes.

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