There are many reasons why frozen fish deserves a seat at the table in both gourmet kitchens and catering kitchens. It goes without saying that everyone is a fan of fresh fish, but supply is not consistent and auction prices may fluctuate significantly. As such, cost-effective kitchen planning with fresh fish is not straightforward.

This is different for frozen fish. After all, the fish has already been harvested or caught and was frozen immediately. 

The quality of deep-frozen fish is as good as fresh fish. The advantage is that the food cost is predictable and much more consistent than the daily prices of fresh fish. 

The EPIC range comprises a complete selection of freshwater and saltwater fish that meet these high quality standards. Our current range includes: anchovies, sardines, European smelt, tuna, haddock, pangasius, cod, mahi mahi, monkfish/angler fish, dory, redfish, plaice, sole, tilapia, dab, salmon, seabass, mullet, pike-perch, seabream, hake,...

To enhance our service to you, we offer many types of fish as filets, loins, rolls, portions, cubes, steaks, with skin, without skin, without head, breaded, in bulk or separately packaged.

As well as the fisheries products, with MSC label if required, the EPIC range also offers an extensive selection of farmed fish, in many cases also certified with the ASC label.


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