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Frozen seafood in accordance with the strictest standards for quality and food safety

Hottlet seafood products are also available in the frozen section at your supermarket. Either as part of our appealing brand labels EPIC and EPIC Select, or as part of your supermarket’s own brand.

Food safety from catch to plate

Of course, retailers also appreciate the premium quality of our products. However, there is an additional vested interest - rightfully so - in the guaranteed origin of products and in the quality procedures the products undergo from harvest or catch until they appear in shops.

100% certified

Hottlet can safeguard this quality by way of the international certificates for IFS Logistics, IFS Brokerage, MSC, ASC and AEO, audited every year.

Cold chain guaranteed

Our quality system safeguards faultless traceability and quality checks for freshness. Our state of the art refrigerated warehouses with 24/7 temperature monitoring, frozen haulage and refrigerated loading bays in turn ensure that the cold chain remains intact at all times.

Global network of reliable suppliers

Another sizeable quality factor is our global network of reliable suppliers, who have often been our partners for decades. We maintain detailed communications so that we can closely monitor and guarantee consistent quality.