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Frozen shrimp, prawns and king prawns

As part of the EPIC label, Hottlet Frozen Foods has been offering a wide range of frozen shrimp, prawns and king prawns for decades. These are mainly the popular prawns grown in aquaculture: Vannamei prawns and Black Tiger prawns. Also available with ASC label if required.

Our range also includes wild-caught prawns, such as the Argentinian cold water shrimp.

We offer the widest range of shrimp, prawns or king prawns in a variety of products. Prawns are available raw or cooked, with or without head, peeled or unpeeled, with or without tail. We also offer cocktail shrimp and prawn skewers, as well as a number of prepared prawns for finger food and sushi such as ebi sushi.

You might be interested to know we also offer real count packaged prawns.

The supply of prawns is highly seasonal and sometimes it is also not easy to compare products. Given the wide and varying selection, we would be glad to advise you on the most suitable product.  

You can be sure the shrimp, prawns or king prawns we supply to you are of premium quality. Sourced from the best regions and the best producers, who we have been working with for years.

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