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Frozen seafood for sushi

Seafood and sushi are an irrefutably golden combination. And as the sushi trend is omnipresent, it is also included in the Hottlet-Epic range: we even created an actual sushi corner to meet demand. The sushi corner features products for retail, mobile catering and for specialised restaurants, with delicious and practical solutions for all channels. For example, we can supply ready-made ebi sushi toppings that are ready to use once defrosted. 

Our sushi corner also offers ingredients for the preparation of sushi. The surimi maki sticks are the same length as the dried seaweed leaves used for sushi. Use with masago to add colour to your sushi as well as adding flavour.

Finally, a sushi dish would not be complete without a suitable side salad. Choose from a wakame or hijiki seaweed salad from the Hottlet-Epic range for an excellent accompaniment.