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Frozen fingerfood

Fingerfood or street food is a global phenomenon. Originally popular in Asia, but now a familiar sight across western cities. It may be a quick bite from a food truck or a delicious appetizer in a Michelin-star restaurant.

Frozen fish and seafood are perfect ingredients for fingerfood in any culinary setting. Be it shrimp, squid or surimi... they are all budget-friendly and freshly frozen products.

Creative chefs can cook to their heart’s content: there are dozens of possible variations for simple yet surprisingly tasty bites.

What’s more, there is an excellent selection. The fingerfood range includes butterfly and torpedo shrimps, scampi fritti, filo and potato shrimps and oriental mix. The squid range includes calamari romana, rabas, chipirones and tapas, and the surimi range offers muslitos and perlitas.

As well as the frozen seafood, the EPIC range also includes fingerfood products with a vegetable filling, suitable for a vegetarian menu. These options include our spring rolls, curry trigons, onion rings and churros.