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Hottlet-Epic Select - snow crab meat

Vacuum plastic bag 5 LB (2,27 KG) or 450 GR.

The snow crab (genus Chionoecetes), a crustacean living in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, is of great commercial importance. However, this type of crab cannot be compared in any way with king crab, which belongs to another family and can double in size. Snow crab has a small body with long, thin legs and an orange, light brown or red shell. After cooking, the shell turns bright orange.

There are 4 crab species called snow crab, including the red variety (Chionoecetes japonicus) which is imported by Hottlet Frozen Foods out of South Korea. Korean snow crab is being fished in the cold waters of the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Koreans call it ‘East Sea’. The crab is caught with baskets and baited traps.

Hottlet frozen seafood snow crab meat

Korean snow crab is processed as fresh and as quickly as possible. After the catch, the crabs are transported to the factory in seawater tanks. They are cleaned, cooked and processed into deepfrozen, ready‐to‐use blocks. These rectangular portions of crabmeat are very convenient to use and therefore very popular with consumers.

The frozen portions are composed of 70% ‘snow white’ crab meat and 30% legs (pinkish orange in color) which are placed on top. Recently we also offer this product in a small, handy package of 450 gr. ; ideal for use in a salad or snack. The crab meat has a fairly firm texture and its taste is soft and sweet. It is delicious in a salad, combined with mayonnaise, avocado and lime. In addition, snow crab is a healthy delicacy, rich in vitamins and trace minerals.