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Seafood and Corona

epic-hottlet the logistic process

Seafood products are sourced all over the world. Since the corona virus unfortunately also strikes worldwide, there is still a significant impact on deliveries.

In several producing countries there have been very strict lockdown measures with the most diverse consequences: courier services for documents no longer worked, (production) companies were temporarily closed, transport was suddenly no longer obvious.

Since many products are sometimes on the road for a month, such shocks and delays cannot be absorbed quickly. Because of COVID-19, the supply is therefore very irregular and there are more frequent shortages. We do everything we can to solve this as quickly as possible, you can be sure of that.

We would also like to sketch the logistical process on the basis of the photos.

1. Breeding ponds

epic-hottlet kweekvijvers

2. Processing

epic-hottlet verwerking

3. On the way by container on ship 

epic-hottlet onderweg per zeeboot

4. By truck from port to Kontich

epic-hottlet per truck van haven naar Kontich

5. Unloading

epic-hottlet lossen van container

6. Storage

epic-hottlet stockage van producten

The time between processing and arrival in our warehouse can be up to 2-3 months.