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Scallops USA

Dear Customers

At the time we chose not to buy USA Scallops, for 2 reasons:

  • Prices on location are sky high.
  • New temporary increased import duties of 25% which will have a clear effect on the price.

This product is also quite seasonal. The main season starts in April.


We can offer 2 beautiful, high quality alternatives:

  • Sca roff 10/20j: Japanese scallops, size 10/20. These scallops are the closest thing to fresh scallops, colorwise and texturewise.

epic-hottlet sint jacobsvruchten japan

  • Sca roff 20/30 pd: Peruvian scallops without additives, size 20/30. Beautiful pure product that will add an extra dimension to your dish.

epic-hottlet sint jacobsvruchten peru