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Pre-fried spring rolls, the latest trend

Freshwater shrimps...

This freshwater shrimp (scientific name Macrobrachium rosenbergii) is only bred on a small scale. The reason for this is that the males tend to cannibalize if they are too close together, therefore they are extensively farmed. Because of this sustainable method of breeding, there is little to no impact on the environment.

The season is mainly in our winter period, this is different from its brothers the Black Tiger and Vannamei shrimp.

In concrete terms, this also means that as soon as our stock with head (sizes 2/4, 4/6, 6/8 and 8/12 still in stock) and easy peel (sizes 1/5, 8/12 still in stock) is very limited or even completely sold out for some sizes. We wait for the new season.

epic - hottlet zoetwatergarnalen


Mini spring rolls for the oven....

Mini spring rolls are one of our top selling products. In addition to the variant for the deep fryer, we now have an alternative that can go into the oven. These spring rolls for the oven are already pre-baked. The advantage is that individuals without a deep fryer can now also enjoy this fantastic, simple snack. Oven-ready means less use of fat and therefore a healthier product, something that today's consumer attaches great importance to.

epic - hottlet mini loempias voor de oven