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Plaice fillets

The European plaice is a right‐eyed flounder belonging to the flatfish species. The plaice’s trademark is the smooth greenish brown skin with distinctive orange‐red dots
on the top side. The bottom is white in color, and both eyes are located at the right side of the body.

The plaice is mainly found in the North Atlantic, but its habitat extends to the Mediterranean. In Europe it is without a doubt the most commercially valuable flatfish. However, the European Union ensures sustainable fishing by monitoring plaice stocks and imposing catch limits and quotas.

Plaice is a popular and sought‐after fish all over Europe. The white, tender fish meat has an excellent, subtle‐flavoured taste and is therefore highly appreciated by gourmets. In addition, the plaice is a truly versatile product and lends itself to various cooking methods. Almost every Belgian and Dutchman is familiar with "Schol à la meunière": plaice fillets battered in lightly salted flour, pan‐fried in butter and served with lemon and parsley. A finger‐licking good dish ! But do not hesitate to serve it poached, fried or
oven‐baked ; plaice remains a treat for all.

EPIC SELECT plaice fillets are harvested sustainably in the North Sea.