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Patagonian squid, seafrozen

Hottlet-Epic - Patagonian squid, seafrozen


Not cleaned, no additives

10-12 cm/pc

Box 1 kg  -  12 units per carton


The catch of the Patagonian squid is very seasonal. Every year there are 2 catching periods. The first is from February to May. The second is from August to October.

This year (2019) the second catching period was very low. It was closed 3 weeks earlier because of limited catches. In comparison to 2018 31% less squid was caught. This limited offer has caused the prices to increase dramatically. Knowing that the next season only starts in February and that those products will only arrive in Europe in May, an decrease in price will not be coming soon.

Patagonian squid is often offered in boxes. Because these boxes are more easy to obtain, we added them to our assortment.
It’s a seafrozen product, not treated, size 10-12 cm. The first batch was well received.