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Good to know: barramundi

The Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is a bass‐like, exotic fish widely distributed in the tropical waters of
the Indo Pacific. However, they also live in brackish or fresh water such as lagoons or rivers in
Australia. The fish is one of Australia’s symbols and is often depicted in Aboriginal art. Barramundi is a
word coming from the Australian Aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area, meaning ‘largescaled
river fish’.

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Barramundi are pretty big fish. Their body can reach up to 2 meters long and their maximum weight is
up to 60 kg. The fish has a gray‐green color with a coppery sheen. Spicy detail: the young Barramundi
are born and grow up as males and undergo a sex change around their 5th year of age. Therefore
most large Barramundis are females!

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The Barramundi is of great commercial importance for fishing but is farmed in aquaculture as well all
over the world, recently even in the Netherlands.
The structure of Barramundi is similar to that of sea bass and it can also be prepared in the same way;
it’s perfect for steaming, frying, grilling or baking. The firm white flesh is very tasty and succulent.
Moreover, it contains few bones, which is certainly not unimportant for small fish eaters. In short,
Barramundi is very popular amongst fish lovers and versatile in the kitchen.

In our range:

epic-hottlet barramundi

Barramundi portions, skin-on, IVP, 140-190 or 170-230 g/pc
800g unit, carton 12 units

Reference: FBAR 140SO and FBAR 170SO