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Covid 19 and seafood prices: opportunities that can’t be missed

Covid 19 turned the world upside down, that’s the least we can say. And that also goes for the seafood-world. There are less containers available, freight is getting more expensive, deliveries tend to be more difficult and often the production is irregular which causes prices to rise. 

But it’s not all bad news. Some products decreased a lot which leads to a lot of opportunities and possibilities to achieve nice margins. 
We have selected some for you. 


Often used as a garnish in lobster bisque or on a fish platter. It gives a luxurious look to your platter and it’s very affordable at the time. Naturally also for making crayfish salad. 

REF = ECP 150/200
Cooked, peeled
150/200 pc/lb, polybag 800 g

epic-hottlet rivierkreeftjes


Fish fillets

In our fish fillet range there are also big opportunities. Dory-like fish are very popular because of their fine texture and refined taste. The Cape dory is being sold at a very low price at the time, which offers a lot of opportunities. And with the BBQ season just around the corner corner, the John Dory skin on can also be recommended: a maximum of pleasure at a very interesting price. The same goes for the Barramundi fillets skin on. Their meat is firmer which makes them ideal for the BBQ. Fishlovers with a more outspoken taste can turn to the well priced red mullet 150-220 grams

epic-hottlet fish fillets


Scallops, roe on

A good meal begins with an amazing starter. Nothing easier than the scallops in half shell from Peru. Season to taste, lightly garnish and this product is ready for the oven. Succes guaranteed. 

REF = SCA HS 25/40
Half shell, Peru
25/40 pc/kg
polybag 750 g

epic-hottlet sint-jacobsvruchten met koraal halve schelp